It’s complicated enough to manage staff without having to be a doctor and a lawyer as well. But when you get down to the essence, is that the most important thing? HSA was designed for one reason only. To improve the health, quality of life and longevity of your people.

fast and reliable pre-employment exams

HSA makes managing pe-employment examination simple and reduces your costs as well as the time to onboard your new staff member.

Many of our customers told us they were losing quality candidates because by the time they'd put them through the process of a pre-employment exam, they'd received an offer from another company and they were going. HSA remedies this by providing a fast and reliable process to onboard your candidates.

protect your business

Health surveillance is simple at first take for a business but you only need to manage a few staff through the process to realise how nuanced the process is.

There are more than 50 critical industries/elements governed by legislation relating to them. If your business works with anything more dangerous than a paper cut you could easily have responsibilities under legislation and legal exposure if you’re not doing it right through the gamut from liability to negligence all the way to industrial manslaughter. It’s pretty nerve wracking. The latest document from Qld government asks to name the person responsible in the business.

reduce liability in your workplace

The introduction of industrial manslaughter legislation around Australia should not be seen as punitive but more so the opportunity for a top-down approach to ensuring the safety of your workforce.

This doesn't mean it has to be onerous, difficult or costly. Instead, it requires an evidence based and informed system that provides you with surety everyone at all levels of your organisation is being protected.

making health surveillance simpler

HSA makes the job of your examining doctor and approving medical authority much simpler while enforcing best medical practice through our sophisticated AI driven interface giving you greater opportunities for cost reductions especially through our sophisticated functionality to combine multiple component exams into one.

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