Managing Health Surveillance activities for businesses and doctors is becoming increasingly complex, costly, and time consuming. All of this effort makes it all too easy to make mistakes and when you're responsible for the health of people you care about and rely on, that's an unaccepatable risk for all involved.

Add to that the risks of doing it the wrong way and exposing yourself, your people, patients, employees and business to danger or uncertainty and you’re probably looking for some help.

HSA is here to help look after the most important part of any endeavour; the people that make it happen.

it's easy to watch your health.

HSA makes it simple to manage your Health Surveillance processes. HSA is an eco-system of employers, employees/patients, Doctors and Supervising Doctors that operate in a specialised framework to make management and control progress of medical examination approval simple.

HSA employs sophisticated AI to wrap governance around examinations and System generated alerts so you can expedite people, testing and processes.

your employees health security at a glance

Real time dashboard views into your business processes. Automated reminders and calls-to-action so nothing is ever missed. Add to all this a quality result for each and every one of your employees from a system designed by doctors who are leaders in their fields to wrap governance and best medical practice around every facet of a patient examination. Medical quality counts!

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